Your daily work flow may require you to give staff a finite amount of time to set their availability to ensure the new schedules you're creating have up to date staff availability.

Typically, you would notify staff that they needed to fill in their availability and give them a certain number of days or weeks to complete it.  Once the time frame had expired you would lock down availability submissions.

1.  Click on Site Setup or Dept Setup depending on your system role

2.  Click on Schedule Types

3.  Click on  9 block rectangle icon to open your time blocks

4.  Click on the pencil on paper icon on top of the time blocks you want to lock down

5.  Click on Allow staff to edit this group

6.  Click on the drop down box choice No changes allowed

Note:  You will now see a message No changes allowed with a lock icon and staff will see Closed to editing with a lock icon beside it on their My Availability page.

What staff see:

 What Manager's see:

Note:  If the Allow staff to see this group was set to Hidden from Staff then staff wouldn't see this group of availability time blocks and the manager would see Hidden from staff.