An employee manager has access to the Manage Employees menu and is allowed to edit employees in the department they've been assigned.

Both a site admin and a dept admin can assign Manage Employees.

Note:  Dept admin's can only assign the system role Manage Employees to staff in their department.

Step 1

1.  Click on Site Setup or Dept Setup depending on your access

2.  Click on User Permission

3.  Click on the edit pencil of the employee

4.  Click on Manage Employees

5.  Click on check mark that replaced the edit pencil to save change

Step 2

1.  Click on Departments

2.  Choose the person icon for the department a new employee manager is being added to

3.  Choose the person from the drop down box that appears

4.  Click the plus sign to save the new employee manager

If you're Site Admin you get this menu:

If you're dept admin you get this menu:

If you're a Site Admin you get this info:

If you're a Dept Admin you get this menu: