Any employee account can be made inactive so the account does not count towards your user subscription count. You can reactivate them at a later date and all the history will still be there so they can pick up where they left off (roles, credentials etc). For example, if you have employees who only work during the summer, you can make those accounts inactive at the end of the summer, then reactivate them next year when they return and all their history and settings will be available.

To make an inactive employee active :

    1.  Menu option Manage Your Staff - Employees

    2.  From your Employee Listing, click the search icon (magnifying glass) in the upper right corner of the page. 

    3.  In the rightmost column of search criteria is an drop down for Status: select Inactive

    4.  Click on the Search button; you will see a listing of all inactive accounts

    5.  Select the account you want to make active again; select the menu option Change Status for Selected

    6.  In the dialogue, set the drop down Change Status to: to be Active

    7. Click Yes, change it. The account will now be active again and the employee will be able to log in now.