There will be occasions when staff members go to their shift board and not have the check box beside a shift they would like to pick up.

There are circumstances in which the check box will not appear beside a shift on the shift board.  

Some of these circumstances are:

1.  You do not hold the role for the shift 

2.  You do not have the credentials (or they have expired) for the role and the system preference "requires valid credentials" has been set to yes

3.  You have a conflict with another shift you're already scheduled to work at that time.

4.  The shift start time is in the past (so the shift has already begun or is over)

5.  The setting "Prevent pick up by staff with expired credentials" is set to yes. (Shift Board Setting)

6.  The setting "Allow staff to request shifts that would put them in overtime" is set to no.  (Shift Board Setting)

7.  There are also Employee Type restrictions that your manager could set that might prevent you from picking up a shift i.e. too many hours worked in a day...

Note:  Clicking on the availability icon (second column from left) should give you the reason why you are not able to pick up a shift.