Sometimes you will be able to fill last minute shift cancellations by assigning the shift to staff already on the schedule (double shift) or on site.  If this is the case you can simply reassign the shift from your Employee Shifts panel.

Your Employee Shifts panel is located in the middle of your dashboard (see below).  The Employee Shifts panel is where you go when you want to modify today's shifts. Modifying shifts here will ensure you have a record to add to the shifts' history so you can tell what happened to the shift.  If you went to the VSB and deleted the shift assignment and added a new assignment you would not have any history of the shifts initial assignment.

1.  Click on the shift you have to reassign.  The Shift Details dialogue pops up.  

2.  Click on Edit Shift.   The Edit Shift Details dialogue will appear.

3.  To add a reason that can be used for reporting click on Coding.   A drop down box will appear choose "Called in sick but replaced".

4.  Now reassign to the staff member who can work the shift.

      1.  Click on the Reassign tab

      2.  Choose the staff member who can work the shift

      3.  Save Changes

5.  The shift will now appear on the managers Employee Shift panel with the new shift assignment and the message we added under the Coding tab.

Note:  At any time you can look at the history of a shift by searching for the shift on your Employee Shifts panel (the drop down chevron on the panel allows you to do a date search) and clicking on the History tab on the Shift Details dialogue.