Sometimes you will not be able to fill last minute shift cancellations by assigning additional hours to staff already on the schedule or on site.  In this case, you will have to post the shift to the shift board so other staff who hold the same role will be notified and can request/pickup the shift.  

Post these last minute (usually on the day of) shifts via your Employee Shifts panel.  Your Employee Shifts panel is located in the middle of your dashboard (see below).  The Employee Shifts panel is where you go when you want to modify today's shifts. Modifying shifts here will ensure you have a record to add to the shifts' history so you can tell what happened to the shift.  If you went to the VSB and deleted the shift assignment (and put in a placeholder instead to create an open shift) you would not have any history of the shifts' initial assignment.

1.  Click on the shift you want to post for pick up.  The shift detail dialogue will appear.

Note:  Clicking on the tabs on the dialogue will show you the shift's work assignments, notes, coding and history.

2.  Click on the Post icon (arrow curving right) see above.

3.  Fill out the information needed to post this shift.

        1.  Fill in the comments section for reason why the shift is being posted.  

        2.  Leave check box empty if you haven't found a replacement and need staff to be notified of an urgent shift.

        3.  The Work Code is what RecStaff uses to run reports against.  For example, if you wanted to know how many people called in sick it would use this field to collect that information.   This code will also show up in the shift history.

        4.  Refer to payroll help files for Payroll Code information.

        5.  Once you're happy with it click Yes, post it and the shift will be posted to the shift board of everyone who holds the role and emails and texts will be sent out to the same group.

4.  It is then posted on the Managers Shift Board and all employee shift boards who hold this role (see below for both the manager and and employee shift boards)

Manager Shift Board

Employees Shift Board  - Jacquelin's shift shows up on this employees shift board below because they both hold the role of Swim Instructor

Note:  Because the shift is an urgent shift (happening soon) and we did not prevent the sending of email and texts to staff when we posted it notification will be sent to staff who hold the Swim Instructor role that an urgent shift needs to be picked up.