Copying your schedules from week to week is the quickest and most efficient way to create schedules.

1.  Manage Scheduling

2.  Schedules

3.  Copy Existing Schedule

4.  The dialogue Choose A Schedule To Copy will pop up click on the schedule you wish to copy and hit the Continue ... button

5.  The Copying Schedule dialogue will appear

6.  The left hand side of the screen is the original schedules information and the right hand side of the screen is the new schedules information

7.  You need to add the start and end date.  The system will automatically enter the next 7 days for the start and end dates after the original schedules end date.  You can change this if need be

8.  The description is the name of your schedule.  You will need to be able to differentiate between your schedules using this description

9.  Then click on the Make Copy icon to create the schedule

10.  The schedule will then appear on your Current Schedules listing page

Pro Tip:  Descriptions are often added referencing payroll.  For example, Payroll 16 Week 1, Payroll 16 Week 2,  ... this allows you to easily find the schedule you are looking for when scrolling through your schedules.