Shift Board

The shift board can be accessed from the dashboard and the menu system.  An employees shift board will only show the shifts available for the role(s) the employee holds.  For example, an employee who holds the role of lifeguard will only see lifeguard shifts that have been posted.


Location of Facilities menu option


Or you can access the shift board via the dashboard.



The menu option or the dashboard shift board icon brings you to the shift board listing page.  This is a list of all posted shifts for the role(s) this particular employee holds that are available for pick up.


Facility Listing


From this listing page you may:

  • Pickup Selected Shifts
  • Cancel pickup request
  • View shift details




Pickup Selected Shifts

An employee can pick up one shift or select a number of shifts for pick up.  The  add a something, navigate to the "Facilities" listing page as shown above. Select the "Add Facility" menu option on the upper left corner of your screen. The following new page will appear for you to enter the details about your something.


Add a something dialogue


Cancel Pickup Request


       1. Select the shifts that you want to cancel the pickup request for by clicking on the check box

       2. Hit the Cancel pickup request option on the menu

       3. A confirmation will appear asking you if you're sure you want to cancel the pickup requests

       4. Confirm the cancellation

       5. Your name will be removed from your managers shift board approval listing for these shifts

View Shift Details

       1. Under the Actions column above you will see an circle with an i in it

       2. Click on the icon and shift details dialogue will appear