To change the default employee type hour limits you must be a site admin.  To change the employee type hour limits for a specific department you must be a dept admin for that department.

Organization's Default Hour Limits

1.  Click on Site Setup

2.  Click on Employee Types

3.  Click on the circle with a line through it icon to change the default hour limits of the employee type you want changed 

4.  Change the hour limits  

5.  Click on the Save changes button to confirm

Departmental Hour Limits ( instructions for dept admin although a site admin can modify all dept employee types)

1.  Click on Department Setup

2.  Click on Employee Types

3.  Click on the puzzle piece icon of the employee type you want to modify

4.  Click on the Select Department drop down box to choose the department to set hour limits for

5.  Modify the hour limits

6.  Click on Save changes to confirm

Note:  If you want to revert back to the default hour limits settings click Remove Override instead of Save Changes.