In order to create a schedule in RecStaff you must first define a schedule type.  Schedule types are the foundation of all your schedules.  You would create a schedule type for each different schedule you create in your organization.

Each time you create a schedule the system will use all the information from your schedule type to define the parameters of your schedule.  For instance, if you want your schedule to start on Sunday's then the system will draw your schedule on the calendar canvas starting with Sunday and ending 7 days later on Saturday.

To create a schedule type as a dept admin:

1.   Click on Department Setup

2.   Click on Schedule Types

3.   Click on Add Schedule Type

4.   Fill out the information required

5.   Click Save it 

6.   The schedule type record is now on the listing page to finish populating

7.   Click the house icon to add the facility & one default location staff on this schedule will work at

8.   Click on the hierarchy icon to add the roles staff must hold to work on this schedule

9.   Click on the 9 box rectangle icon to add the time blocks shifts will occur on this schedule

10. Click on the person icon to add Schedulers to this schedule

11. Click on the pencil in a box icon to add Shift Editors to this schedule

12. Click on the plus icon to add Shift Submitters to this schedule

13. Click on the eye icon to add Shift Viewers to this schedule