RecStaff allows for a very customizable shift board.

Shift Board Settings:

1.  Require manage approval to post a shift for pickup

2.  Exempt certain staff from the post approval requirement

3.  Allow staff to split shifts for partial posts

4.  Allow staff to trade shifts

5.  Prevent shift splits from breaking up a work assignment

6.  Minimum partial post length (minutes)

7.  Require schedule manager approval for all shift pickups

8.  Prevent staff with expired credentials from requesting/picking up shifts

9.  Allow staff to request shifts that would put them in overtime

Note:  Roles can be designated unpostable meaning a shift for an unpostable role cannot be posted.  To designate a role as unpostable you must go to the role record in your department.

How do I access shift board settings:

1.  Based on your system role click on Site Setup or Department Setup 

2.  Based on your system role click on Site Settings or Department Settings

3.  If you are a site admin you can modify ALL settings if you are a dept admin you can modify ONLY your depts settings

4.  Click the question mark icon beside each setting for a detailed explanation of how it works

Note:  To access settings you must be a site or department administrator.  Your Site administrator will have created the default settings for your organization.  Department administrators can override these default settings for their departments.