When you hire an employee they can be hired as full time, part time, casual, auxiliary...  in RecStaff we call this an employee type.  The employee type tells the system when an employees' hour limits have been hit i.e., overtime, too many hours in a day ...

Your Site Admin can define your organization's employee types and set the parameters for each type to abide by the relevant employment contract or collective agreement language.

Your organization will have default employee types which you can override at the department level because departments may have different rules governing their staff.

To create an employee type you must be a Site Admin, however, dept admins can modify their own employee types once they've been created.

1.  Click on Site Setup

2.  Click on Employee Types

3.  Click on Add New Type

4.  Fill out the employee type record

5.  Click Save it button to confirm

6.  Click on the circle with line through it icon of the record you just created

7.  Set the default hour limits for this employee type

8.  Click on the puzzle piece icon to override this employee types default hour limits for a specific department

9  Click on the Select Department drop down box to choose a department to set hour limits that are different than the default

10. Click the Save changes button to confirm

Note:  The Type Sort field refers to how you want your staff ordered in the staff pick list on your VSB.  If you wanted full time staff listed first, then part time and then casual you would give the employee type full time a Type Sort of 1, part time a type sort of 2 and casual a type sort of 3.

Once your employee types are created you can assign them to your staff through each staff members employee profile.