Steps to Adding Credentials to your RecStaff Account

1. Add Accrediting Bodies

2. Add Credentials to Credentials Master List 

3. Add Credentials to Staff

4. Add Credentials to Roles

Once you've added your accreditors and credentials you are now ready to add credentials to your staff.

1.  Manage Your Staff - Employees

2.  Choose the shield icon under the Actions column of the employee you want to add credentials to and click on it (see below)

3.  A dialogue will appear where you choose from a drop down box of credentials and accreditors 

4.  You then add the date the credential was acquired.  The system will then calculate the expiration date based on the acquired date + the number of years the credential is valid for which was added when you defined your accreditors


5.  Then a green plus sign will appear beside the Expiration date to confirm the addition of this credential

6.  Continue to add all the employees credentials here

7.  Click Done when complete

Note:  The next step in the Credentials Process is adding credentials to roles.