Steps to Adding Credentials to your RecStaff Account

1. Add Accrediting Bodies

2. Add Credentials to Credentials Master List 

3. Add Credentials to Staff

4. Add Credentials to Roles

Once you've added all your accrediting bodies (those organizations which certify credentials) you must add the credentials to the Credentials Master List.

1.  Manage Your Staff - Credentials - Credentials Master List 

2.  Add Credential

3.  Add the abbreviation and name of the credential (Description) and the accrediting body from the drop down box.

4.  Add the length of time the credential is valid for.

5.  Click on the PLUS sign to add this accrediting body.

6.  You can add more than one accrediting body to a credential.

5.  Click on the Save button when complete.

Watch how to add your credentials

Note:  The next step in the Credential process is to add credentials to staff.