Dashboard Icons


There are four dashboard icons located at the top of the dashboard.



They are:

Shift Board - Approvals

Time Off Requests

Expiring Credentials



Each icon is colour coded to represent what needs immediate attention.  If any of your dashboard icons are red click on the icon to see what issues require prompt action.  Below is the dashboard icon timing chart which lists the time requirements for the colour of each icon to change.



Shift Board - Approvals


The shift board approvals is where managers can access all the pending  and posted shifts.  There are three options to choose from when allowing staff to post shifts.  They are;

  1. Requires manager approval to post a shift.  We call these pending posts because when this setting is enabled managers must approve any shifts staff want to post for pick up.  If it's not approved the employee retains the shift and a message is sent to the employee letting them know the posting of the shift was rejected.
  2. Requires manager approval to pick up a shift.  This means that you're allowed to post the shift for pick up but the manager decides who gets to pick up the shift.
  3. Posted shifts are first come first serve and the manager is not included in the posting process.  If staff don't require manager approval for pick up then employees post the shift and it is sent directly to staff, if someone wants the shift and they are the firstperson to request it the shift is automatically given to them.

The settings for these above options is under System Setup - Schedules - Shift Board.  There are exceptions to these rules, for example, you can allow some staff by choosing them directly, to be able to post without getting manager approval and pick up shifts without manager approval.  See the shift board settings page for further details.


The numbers below represent how many pending posts and posts need to be addressed.  The colour of the icon changes depending on the urgency of posted shifts see the dashboard icon timing chart above.  The shift board is green when there are no posted shifts that are occuring within 72 hours.  It turns yellow when posted shift(s) are to occur in less than 72 hours.  The icon turns red when posted shift(s) are to occur in less than 24 hours.  The colour alerts you to the urgency of the posted shifts.  If your shift board approvals icon is red you have at least one shift that has been posted but not picked up and requires your attention. 



Clicking on the shift board icon brings up the listing page where you go to approve or reject posts and pending posts. 



When choosing someone to give a shift to you might want to first look at their availability and the number of hours they have so far this year, minimum hours their required per week and how many hours have been assigned to them thus far for the week.




Once you've chosen someone by clicking on the person you then select the shift and click the approve selected changes menu option.




The confirmation dialogue box will appear below.  Click "Yes, approve them" to confirm the changes.




A message appears once the confirmation is complete letting you know your changes have been made.




Expiring Credentials

Expiring credentials is a list of staff's credentials with an expiration date that is nearing today's date.  As mentioned above in the dashboard icon timing chart the expiring credential icon colour will change as a credential is nearing expiration see the dashboard icon timing chart above.





The dashboard icon above shows there are 10 expiring credentials.  If we click on the icon the expiring credentials listing page appears as shown below.  The icon indicates there are 10 expiring credentials because there are 10 credentials that are 90 days or less to expiry.  The rest of the expiring credentials are listed here as well but because they're over 180 days til expiry they are not added to the number displayed on the icon.  You can add credentials here by clicking on the shield of the employee you want to add a credential to as highlighted in yellow below.



Once you've clicked on the shield icon the dialogue box below will appear.



  1. Click on the New credential drop down box and choose the credential you want to add
  2. Click on the Accreditor drop down box and choose the accrediting body for this credential
  3. Choose the date the credential was earned
  4.  The system will calculate the expiration date based on the earned date and the number of years the credential is valid

If a credential doesn't appear in the drop down box it must be added to the credentials master list.



Time Off Requests


The time off requests icon is where managers can access all time off requests that staff have submitted.  The icon turns from green to yellow to red as time off requests are nearing the date of the time offsee the dashboard icon timing chartabove.



There are 5 time off requests that the manager must deal with.  The icon is red which means there is at least one time off request that is going to happen in less than 7 days.  Below is the listing page for the time off requests.





Alerts are things you want to be alerted on at a system level.