Message Board

The right hand panel on all dashboards (Manager, Employee, Scheduler) is the message board.  It is for internal messages only.  You cannot send text messages from the internal message board.  The 20 most recent posts show up on the message board.


Remove a something


If you belong to more than one schedule type i.e., work in two different departments, you'll have the option to choose the message boards you wish to look at.  Click on the chevron as shown below and a drop down box will appear listing the schedule types you can choose from.  The schedule type(s) you've chosen will show on the top panel of the message board as shown highlighted below.  You can also refresh the message board by clicking the Refresh button in the drop down box.



Confirm deletion dialogue


If there are comments associated with a post there will be a number beside the word comments in the post.  The number represents how many comments have been made on this post.  If you click on the word comments the thread or conversation will be displayed so you can follow the conversation from beginning to end.




If you'd like to begin a new conversation or thread you simply post a comment and choose the schedule type or department you wish to post the comment to as shown below.