Your Current Schedules - Appears on the Managers and Schedulers Dashboards only

The left most panel on the Managers dashboard is Your Current Schedules (highlighted in yellow below).  From here you can access all the schedules that are unfinished, published and active.  Past and completed schedules do not show up on the dashboard but can be found on the Current Schedules listing page.  To modify a schedule click on the visual schedule builder (VSB) icon, as highlighted below, of the schedule you wish to access. You will be taken directly to this schedule on the visual schedule builder.


Add a something dialogue


To ensure you have the most recent changes to the schedules you can refresh the panel by clicking on the chevron in the upper right hand side of the panel as shown below.  The drop down box also allows you to choose the order of how the schedules are listed; ascending or descending.



The active schedule will show in dark blue.  The active schedule has alternative ways to view the schedule.  The views are represented by the icons at the bottom of the active schedule.  These views can also be accessed via the visual scheduler builder.



The day sheet report icon as highlighted above shows a list of all staff working today on this schedule.



The pdf icon in the lower left hand side when clicked allows you to print the day sheet.  


The shift report icon, highlighted in yellow below, is a horizontal view of all employees working today.




The gear icon above allows you to sort the data on the shift report (see below).  The pdf icon allows you to print the shift report.



The work assignment report icon as highlighted below  is a horizontal view of all work assignments for the day.




The gear icon above allows you to sort the work assignment report (see below).  The pdf icon allows you to print the work assignment report.