Manager Dashboard

When you log into RecStaff you land on your dashboard.  Managers have access to all RecStaff modules on their dashboard unlike the employee or scheduler dashboards.  You dashboard is your "at a glance" spot to see what's happening with your staffs scheduling.


Facility Listing


From the dashboard you may:


Below is the top section of the dashboard with a definition of each field and menu.



For a detailed explanation of each choose from the options below:


RecStaff Menu

The menu system and banner that runs across the top of screen shows up on all the pages throughout RecStaff.  The menu options on the managers dashboard has the full complement of all RecStaff modules.

  1. Manage Scheduling is how the manager accesses schedules, shift board, shift report and work assignments.
  2.  Manage Your Staff is how the manager accesses employee information, credentials, time off requests and registration.
  3. System Setup is how the manager sets up and defines the parameters of your RecStaff system.
  4. My Work is how managers access their own personal employee account. 


Organization Name

The organization name is the name of your organization that you add when you're setting up your facilities and locations.



When you log into RecStaff your username is displayed on the banner in the upper right hand side of the screen. 


Dashboard icon

You can click on the dashboard icon from anywhere in the system and be taken directly back to the dashboard. 


User profile icon

The user profile icon (person icon) allows you to access your user profile by clicking on the icon.