Employee Dashboard

When you log into RecStaff you land on your dashboard.  The dashboard is your "at a glance" look at what's happening with your schedule.  We provide you the option of watching a video tutorial or reading through the steps.

To watch Employee Dashboard video tutorial click below.

An employee's dashboard.


Location of Facilities menu option


Below is the top section of the dashboard with a definition for each field and menu.


Facility Listing



RecStaff menu

The menu system and banner that runs across the top of screen shows up on all the pages throughout RecStaff.  The menu options on the employee dashboard allows employees to manage their RecStaff account.  Some of the menu options are an alternative way to access certain functions instead of using the dashboard.


  1. My Shifts is a listing of all your upcoming shifts.
  2. Shift Board is a listing of all upcoming shifts you're eligible to pick up.
  3. My Time Sheets is an accumulation of all your shifts and wage rates for said shifts for a payroll period.
  4. My Availability is where you define when you are available to work on a regular basis.
  5. My Time Off Requests is where you submit your time off requests.
  6. Message Board is where you post internal messges to staff.


Organization Name

The organization name is the name of your organization that you add when you're setting up your facilities and locations.



When you log into RecStaff your username is displayed on the banner in the upper right hand side of the screen. 


Dashboard icon

You can click on the dashboard icon from anywhere in the system and be taken directly back to the dashboard. 


User profile icon

The user profile icon (person icon) allows you to access your user profile by clicking on the icon.



Access shift calendar

Your shift calendar lists all your shift assignments.  You can change the month you are viewing by clicking on the arrow chevrons on either side of the calendar or the drop down month box at the top of the calendar to choose a different month.  


Add a something dialogue


On the calendar a shift can appear one of three ways:

  1. Solid colour -  when a schedule is published your shifts appear on your calendar as a solid colour

  2. Cross hatching - when you post a shift and the "requires manager approval flag" is set to yes, the shift is cross hatched until the manager approves or rejects the post

  3. Red band on side of shift - when the shift has been posted for pick up on the shift board 


Please note, if the "requires manager approval flag" is set to no, then your shifts do not go through the process of being submitting to your manager for posting approval and instead go directly to the shift board for pick up.  Individual employees can be set to NOT require manager approval to post on their employee profile. 


The chevron (down arrow) as highlighted in yellow below when clicked displays a drop down box with at least four options. 




Shift List

The shift list shows you all your shifts for the month your calendar is set to.  The vertical red bar on the last shift indicates the shift has been posted for pick up.



AQUA Day Sheet

This is a list of Who is Working Today on the AQUA schedule.  Each employee can see a Day Sheet for the schedules they hold roles on.  The backward and forward arrows allow you to navigate through the Day Sheet.


If there has been any activity like; schedules published or shifts picked up since you logged on to look at your calendar you can reload your calendar by clicking on the refresh button and the calendar will reload with any new activity listed.



If you want to collapse your calendar you can click on the minimize button and the calendar will disappear as shown below.  This is similar to the dashboard icon chevron that collapses the icons.  It is useful when viewing RecStaff on your phone.  If you want to open your calendar back up click the restore button that will appear in place of minimize in the drop down box.




Access message board

The right hand panel on your dashboard is the message board.  It is for internal messages only.  You cannot send text messages from the internal message board.  The 20 most recent posts show up on the message board. 


Edit your something


If you belong to more than one schedule type i.e., work in two different departments, you'll have the option to choose the message boards you wish to look at.  Click on the chevron as shown below and a drop down box will appear listing the schedule types you can choose from.  The schedule type(s) you've chosen will show on the grey band beside the title Message Board at the top of the screen.  You can also refresh the message board by clicking the Refresh button in the drop down box.



The number beside the word "comments" indicates how many comments have been added to a thread of converstion.  If you click on the word comments the thread or conversation will be displayed so you can follow the converstion from beginning to end.  See the example below of a conversation that has been expanded to view all comments.



If you'd like to begin a new conversation or thread you simply post a comment and choose the schedule type or department you wish to post the comment to as shown below.





Access dashboard icons

There are four dashboard icons located at the top of the dashboard. 

Remove a something

Each icon is colour coded to represent what needs immediate attention.  If any of your dashboard icons are red click on the icon to see what issues require prompt action.  Below is the dashboard icon timing chart which lists the time requirements for the colour of each icon to change.


Confirm deletion dialogue


Shift Board

The shift board icon lets you know how many shifts are available for you to pick up.  The icon colour will change based on the chart above.  For example, it turns red when there is a shift on the shift board that is less than 24 hours from it's start time.



If you click on the shift board icon the shift board listing page will appear as shown below.



Pickup Selected shifts

 If you want to pick up a shift(s) you click on the check box beside the shift(s) you want to pick up.  You can choose more than one shift at a time.  The second column will show if you have any conflicts with this shift based on your current schedule.  You can click on the icon to view the explanation.  The shift below denoted by the red arrow does not have a check box available.  The icon has been clicked explaining why the shift cannot be picked up.  



The icons that show on the shift board beside each shift let you know what your availability is when the shift occurs.  These are the same group of icons that show on the staff pick list denoting when you are available to work.  The icons are based on both your availability form and your current schedule(s).  If you do not have a check box beside a shift then you cannot pick that particular shift up.  The icon beside a shift explains why you can or cannot pick up the shift. 


The icons that are used on the shift board are:

  The employees' availablility shows they can work that time block and haven't any conflicts

  The employee is available to work but this is not their primary role

  The employees' availability shows they cannot work that time block

  The employees' availability shows they can work but not the whole time block

  The employee is already working this shift or time block on this schedule

  The employee is already working another time block on this schedule today

  The employee is already working on another schedule in a different time block

  The employee is already working on another schedule in a corresponding time block

  The employee is on vacation 

  The employee cannot work this shift because of timing issues related to business rules i.e. cannot work more than 12 hours within a 24 hour period


* Time blocks are the blocks of time during the day that shifts occur.  Your availability form is made up of these manager defined time blocks.  


Cancel Shift Pickup

If your shift pick ups require manager approval then before your manager has approved the shift pick up you still have time to change your mind and cancel your request to pick up a shift.  To do this you go back to the shift board and select the shifts you want to cancel the pick up request for.  On the shift board below you'll note there are two green stars beside


My Time Off



My Credentials


My Posted Shifts