Sometimes unexpected things happen and employees cannot finish their shifts.  If this happens, you can split the shift and post the part that needs to be covered.  You do this from your Employee Shifts panel.

Your Employee Shifts panel is located in the middle of your dashboard (see below).  The Employee Shifts panel is where you go when you want to modify today's shifts. Modifying shifts here will ensure you have a record to add to the shifts' history so you can tell what happened to the shift.  If you went to the VSB and shortened the shift and created a new one with a placeholder to post it you would not have any history other than changes were made by the manager.

Managers Dashboard

1.  Click on the shift you want to split and post on the Employee Shifts panel.  The Shift Details dialogue will appear.

2.  Click on the Post icon (arrow curving right) see below.

3. Click on the scissors icon to split the shift.  Do not fill out the Enter a comment here or Work Code section here.  You will be asked to fill it out on the next screen.

4.  Fill out from 1 - 3 and click on Split Then Post.

5.  Note that the employee has kept the first two hours of the shift and has given up the last 4 hours.

Look at the Managers Dashboard below to see the part of the shift that was kept.

Look at the Manager's Shift Board to see the part that was posted.  

Note:  This shift will have also been sent to the shift boards of each employee who holds the role of Lifeguard.  An urgent shift pick up notification will have been sent as well to these same employees.